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Daegu Metropolitan City is developing the K-2 airport site as a global new growth city that never sleeps 24 hours a day.

At a press briefing held on the 27th at the Dongin Government Complex in Daegu City, Lee Jong-heon, head of Daegu City's New Airport Construction Headquarters, announced the vision and strategy of the K-2 airport site.

On this day, the city of Daegu announced that it will create a world-class landmark connected to the waterway of the Kumho River at the site of the K-2 airport, build it as a global tourism and commercial city, and introduce state-of-the-art future infrastructure that introduces the best technologies of the time, such as UAM, robots, and autonomous driving. .

In addition, it plans to create an eco-friendly city such as green belts and gray water, link it with an integrated new airport 20 minutes away by UAM, attract global companies and creative talent through innovative deregulation, and build it into a city that leads high-tech industries such as semiconductors, robots, and ABB. plan.

Accordingly, Daegu City established four major strategies: ▶Space Innovation ▶Service Innovation ▶Industrial Innovation ▶Environmental Innovation.

In addition, to materialize this strategy spatially, K-2 airport site of 6.98 million square meters ▶Global Tourism Valley + Grand Shopping Cluster ▶Medical Healthcare Valley + AI Senior Town Cluster ▶Future Industry Valley + Robot Cluster ▶Soho + Venice Culture Valley + Metaverse Cluster ▶Digital Transformation Valley + Incubating Cluster ▶Global Creative Talent Valley + Global Edu Cluster It is planned to divide the city into 6 valleys and promote a 6-valley 6-cluster city specialization plan in which one cluster is specialized in each valley.

On the other hand, Lee Jong-heon, head of the headquarters, drew attention by explaining, “regulations on casinos and tourism are a part that need to be resolved,” and that “if 프리카지노 introduction is necessary, a new special law is needed.” .

If the vision of the K-2 Airport Historic Site is realized, more than 60 million tourists visit each year, centering on the Global Tourism Valley (Grand Shopping Cluster), and more than 60,000 jobs will be created through high-tech industries and tourism and commercial facilities. expected to be able to

In addition, it is expected that about 3,000 global students and researchers will be able to receive education for smart creative talent and grow into research personnel.

Mayor 프리카지노 쿠폰 Hong Joon-pyo said, “The K-2 airport site will become a future production city that realizes imagination beyond Dubai and Singapore. We will develop it into a global high-tech industry, tourism, and commercial city.”

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